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EntoScapes' Rainforest Substrate

EntoScapes' Rainforest Substrate

Our rainforest substrate mix consists of a variety of high quality components to recreate a natural forest floor environment which is very high in nutrients; including leaf mulch and mosses blended with premium substrate components.

We aim for our substrates to be biodegradable and suitable for growing plants in your terrariums whilst being perfect for your animals as it is free fron unnatural chemicals and pesticides which may cause your animals harm. The larger components in the substrate allow fantastic irrigation of roots and helps with aeration to prevent bacteria from developing.

Poor quality substrate can lead to respiratory problems among other things which is why we prefer to make and use our own EntoScapes substrates for all of our own invertebrate pets such as our Giant African Land Snails and Hissing Cockroaches - and they love it! This can also be used to house humidity loving tarantulas and other inverts that don’t rely solely on their substrate for nutrition.


We recommend pairing these substrates with isopod and springtail cultures to create a bustling bioactive substrate suitable for most rainforest and forest based projects.

Please note: This substrate should be mixed with extra leaf litter and rotting hardwood to be used as a viable substrate for isopod colonies. We advise against using any substrate with coco coir in for millipedes. Coco coir is not suitable to be used on its own as a substrate for these inverts due to it having no nutritional value and can potentially impact their digestive system.

Premium grade topsoil, mushroom compost, coco coir, leaf litter, sphagnum moss, white rotten wood, calcium carbonate, natural sand

PriceFrom £2.99

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