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We are Rosie and Sam and we founded EntoScapes with the aim of making invertebrate pets more accessible, more viable and more affordable to keep whilst trying to improve the overall welfare standards of invertebrate husbandry in the UK. 

We aim to do this by offering the best quality all natural items in smaller quantities than most reptile shops will offer so that you can precisely tailor and customise your enclosures without spending a fortune and having loads of excess. For example most places offer large bags exceeding 20L of substrates, but we aim to offer cheap substrate in 1L portions.

Experience and Qualifications

Sam: I spent 5 years studying at the University of Plymouth, the first 2 years studying the broader subject Biological Sciences, and the final three years studying Animal Behaviour and Welfare. During these years I experienced a plethora of activities, practicals, lectures and fieldtrips all of which improved my knowledge in the relevant fields. I graduated in September of 2021 with Upper Second Class honours (2:1) with a dissertation revolving around bee populations of Plymouth and how human pressures can affect invertebrate populations on the whole, for which I also received a 2:1.

I am immensely proud of the grades I got in the end as I spent the middle years at university with poor mental health and I plan to use that determination to make this company a success and offer the best products possible.

Rosie: I studied 1 year of Conservation Biology before switching to Animal Behaviour and Welfare and also graduated with Upper Second Class honours in September 2021. My dissertation was directly studying the affects of poor living conditions on the fitness and welfare of feeder crickets which gave me a direct insight into what is important when it comes to captive invertebrate welfare. My fascination with the natural world began when I was younger and over time has progressed from a hobby into a career. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so a conventional career path was no longer an option, which is how the idea for EntoScapes was formed!

I also did a placement in the Entomology department of Plymouth University labs where I did scientific pinning of deceased invertebrates for displays including The Box Museum in Plymouth. It was here that I made a lot of connections with the Plymouth University lab staff which led to them asking me to take care of their Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula, Petra, during the Covid19 outbreak. This has now spiralled into a whole greenhouse of critters in our kitchen which I check, clean and look after every day. I have also been known to collect many types of plants and many friends often ask for my advice when it comes to plant care, so I felt it was only necessary to integrate plants and my green thumb into this business in the hopes of helping other hobbyists!

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Why do we do it?

Our passion for animal husbandry and welfare for the more ‘misunderstood’ pets ultimately grew stronger over the duration of our biology and animal welfare degrees. The more we became aware of the lack of protection and care towards invertebrates in the UK, the closer we were drawn in to try and make some change. We felt the best way was to provide a service that helps people give their insects the best welfare possible.

That's why we developed The EntoScapes Way - a combination of knowledge from our degrees, researching scientific papers and our own experience keeping invertebrates which allows us to provide you with the information and requirements to keep your bugs happier and healthier for longer.  We feel making inverts accessible is the best way to teach new people how wonderful they can be as pets!

Eventually we would like to see the same amount of care and thought be put into owning invertebrates as you would put into owning a mainstream mammalian pet because inverts can have their own personalities, needs and preferences too!


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to connect with like-minded people!

If you have an idea for the website, or an idea for a cool enclosure that we may be able to help with, or any other entomological needs then please send us a message or email

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