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EntoScapes' Cube Enclosure - 20x20x20cm

EntoScapes' Cube Enclosure - 20x20x20cm

NOTE: as these are made to order, we plan to get these produced and dispatched within 10-15 working days but there is only two of us running the entire business and sometimes we get swamped!


The EntoScapes' Cube Enclosure - 20x20x20cm is the perfect habitat for a wide variety of invertebrates that don’t need super deep substrate, from smaller tarantula species and velvet spiders, to snails and cockroaches. The choice in ventilation makes this enclosure even more versatile! It is also one of our more aesthetically pleasing enclosures with all the sides being the same length.


Made from high-quality clear acrylic and a polycarbonate door to ensure it remains warp-free, this bespoke, handmade enclosure is sure to provide an ideal home for your pet invertebrates. With plenty of space to move around, this is the perfect habitat for your pet to explore and thrive.


These are the specific characteristics of this enclosure, but bear in mind some can be changed or adapted to suit your own needs, just contact us!


20x20x20cm crystal-clear, 3mm thick clear-cast acrylic with polycarbonate door

Drilled air holes (your choice of 1mm or 2mm) around the top, sides and back, and around the door for cross- ventilation

Side or top opening hinged door with 2 lockable latches

Crystal clear polished acrylic for great 360° viewing

Barrier panel below the door (front opening) for substrate and above to avoid web breakage for spiders!

Corner protectors for safer carrying and handling as well as structural support

Hand-constructed by us with super strong "acrylic cement" (not flat-packed), so ready to use right away and much more sturdy than mass produced flat-packed ones.

Not flatpacked also means no unsightly or unsecure joins or seams around the edges which is more convenient and aesthetically pleasing


We at EntoScapes believe getting the correct enclosure and set up for your invert makes all the difference between having an unfulfilling pet which doesn't move around a lot with a short life span and an active happy bug displaying all its usual natural behaviours and exceeding the regular estimated life spans. Why not try some of our natural decor items or substrates to help your critter feel right at home

  • Our shipping rates are determined by the total weight of your cart at checkout.

    The shipping bands are:

  • 0-1kg - £4.99

  • 1-2kg - £5.99

  • 2-10kg - £7.99

  • 10kg+ - £9.99


  • We almost always choose a postage option which should deliver in 1 or 2 days, especially if the order includes live inverts or plants to ensure they arrive as fast as possible to avoid stressing anything too much, protecting the critters' welfare as well as protecting your purchase.


  • Royal Mail Tracked 24 is what we've used most frequently for orders including live inverts and 9 times out of 10 will deliver the day after dispatch. Tracked 48 is sometimes used for less delicate inverts such as isopods and for any nin-live orders


  • A different delivery service such as Parcelforce 48hr is used if the parcel dimensions of weight happen to exceed the Royal Mail limits for that size and price bracket (eg awkward size/shape hardscape branches or heavy substrates).


  • All our orders are sent out using recyclable materials and reused boxes and packaging, plus we try to avoid single use plastics if we can.​​


  • If you have any concerns, questions or requests regarding shipping please don't hesitate to get in contact


  • An email will be sent to you confirming when the package will be posted and detailing any steps needed to be taken to ensure the health of any critters on arrival (instructions on slowly getting inverts warmed up again etc). We will also contact you to discuss any posting worries such as weather conditions or industrial strikes which may affect transit time


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