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Innovating Invertebrate Husbandry

Welcome to EntoScapes!

The EntoScapes Way

We built EntoScapes to provide a one-stop-shop that offers a range of high-quality handmade products that are designed specifically to give the best welfare possible for invertebrate pets, such as tarantulas, mantids and beetles. 

That's why we developed The EntoScapes Way - a combination of knowledge from our degrees, researching scientific papers and our own experience keeping invertebrates which allows us to provide you with the information and requirements to keep your bugs happier and healthier for longer. One of the main drawbacks of owning some invertebrates is that they are seen to not have the long life spans, but this is often because they are kept incorrectly and consistently stressed.


Our online store will offer hobbyists and beginners the best selection of:

  • Handmade polycarbonate enclosures

  • Bioactive tank materials like substrates

  • Live plants and accessories

  • Clean up Crew Kits

  • All in smaller quantities than most reptile stores would offer - less excess waste 

The combination of which all contribute to a more happy and healthy critter!

The EntoScapes Way is located on the invertebrate product pages and will provide you with information on:

  • Space requirements

  • Optimum humidity

  • Optimum temperature

  • Best diet

  • Habitat type and size

  • Enclosure population

  • & much more

Tropical Leaves

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New Enclosure Options and New Inverts Available NOW!


Handmade from extra strong, clear polycarbonate sheets. Size and customisation options available



Small potted plants perfect for live terrarium setups