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Premium Millipede Substrate - 0% COCO! - Bioactive Edible Substrate

Premium Millipede Substrate - 0% COCO! - Bioactive Edible Substrate

EntoScapes Premium Millipede Substrate is formulated using the highest quality components, which are guaranteed to provide your detritivores with an enriched, nutritious diet. This substrate can also be used for isopods along with a thick layer of leaf litter and rotten wood. This substrate contains NO unnecessary fillers like coco coir which offer no nutritional value to inhabitants, and can potentially impact the millipedes digestive system. We also include homemade flake soil which acts as a direct food source with highly available nutrients, and adds volume to the substrate. You can either use this substrate by itself or combine with other suitable substrates to boost the nutritional value and support the bioactive cycle within the set-up!


We have a saying here at EntoScapes that ‘substrate=life’, meaning your millipedes health is directly linked to the quality of its substrate. We use this substrate for our own millipedes, isopods, and roach species, and all have thrived and bred successfully. We believe in transparency when it comes to what is in our substrates, and encourage hobbyists to avoid products that do not tell you what’s inside. We are proud to be able to share this substrate with others and hope your critters love it as much as ours do!

Premium graded topsoil, mushroom compost, flake soil, leaf litter, white rotten wood, sphagnum moss, sand, calcium carbonate

PriceFrom £4.99

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