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Tropical Terrarium Vivarium Live Plant Bundle - Calathea Alocasia + Fittonia

Tropical Terrarium Vivarium Live Plant Bundle - Calathea Alocasia + Fittonia

This bundle of fairly small sized tropical plants is ideal for terrarium/vivarium setup which are kept constantly damp and humid.

This includes:

  • 1 x Alocasia Cucullata
  • 1 x Pink fittonia
  • 1 x Calathea rufibarba
  • Each sent in a 5.5cm plant pot with EntoScapes’ High Nutrient Plant Soil


Real, natural growing plants always give terrariums a realistic and more dynamic appearance as well as enhancing the welfare of inhabitants of vivariums and paludariums.


We grow our plants in an indoor greenhouse under grow lights and a humidity gradient so that all our plants are in full health all year round. We warrant that EntoScapes plants will grow strongly in your set up if given the correct light, water and substrate.





Plant Information and Advice


Alocasia Cucullata

  • Common name: Alocasia Hooded Dwarf
  • Scientific name: Alocasia cucullata


  • Description: a plant with rich green, heart-shaped leaves with prominent veins and long, green stalks, which can reach heights of 90cm tall. This plant is naturally found growing on dappled forest floors in tropical regions of South-East Asia and prefers to live in moist, humid conditions with bright indirect light. This plant would make a great addition to a rainforest set up used for millipedes, beetles, centipedes, mantids, tarantulas and even amphibians! This plant is relatively low maintenance and will thrive if conditions are right. We do want to mention that some species will nibble on the leaves and roots if planted directly into the tank’s substrate, so bare that in mind when choosing what plant species to use.


  • Place of origin: South-East Asia
  • Type: perennial, ground cover
  • Habitat: tropical
  • Humidity: 60% or more
  • Lighting: bright, indirect light
  • Temperature: 18-26˚C
  • Watering: keep soil constantly moist, not soggy
  • Soil: moist, well-draining soil
  • Growth rate: medium


Pink Fittonia

  • Common name: Nerve plant
  • Scientific name: Fittonia sp.


  • Description: an evergreen perennial with rooting stems and oval-shaped leaves that have contrasting veins, coming in a variety of bright greens, silvers, and pinks. These are naturally found growing in humid, sun-dappled areas around the base of trees in the rainforests of Peru, spreading across the forest floor and growing to heights of 10-15cm. These small but striking plants love constantly moist soil and humid conditions making them the ultimate terrarium plant. Nerve plants are also very good at letting you know when they are not happy by displaying drooping, wilted leaves. These can be planted as ground cover for many moisture loving inverts like millipedes, isopods, beetles, and some tarantulas, as well as amphibians and reptiles.


  • Place of origin: South America, Peru
  • Type: evergreen perennial, creeper
  • Habitat: rainforest
  • Humidity: 50% or higher
  • Lighting: bright, indirect light
  • Temperature: tolerates most temperatures, prefers the warmer side
  • Watering: keep soil constantly moist, but not soggy
  • Soil: moist, well-draining
  • Growth rate: medium


Calathea rufibarba

  • Common name: Furry feather Calathea, Calathea rufibarba
  • Scientific name: Goeppertia rufibarba


  • Description: a plant with long, slender, wavy leaves with rich green upper sides and deep purple under sides once the leaves mature. This plant gets its name from its leaves which have a fuzzy or furry texture. This plant is found on light-dappled forest floors in the tropical rainforests of South America where it can grow up to 1m tall. This plant will be happy in rainforest set-ups with an area that receives dappled light. We suggest planting these with a wide variety of inverts including mantids, beetles, tarantulas, and millipedes, however bare in mind that some species will nibble on the leaves and roots if planted directly into the tanks substrate.


  • Place of origin: South America
  • Type: perennial ground cover
  • Habitat: tropical, rainforest
  • Humidity: 60% or higher
  • Lighting: bright, indirect light/ tolerates low light
  • Temperature: 18-26˚C
  • Watering: keep soil constantly moist, not soggy
  • Soil: moist, well-draining soil
  • Growth rate: medium


Please note: live plants may vary in size and colour to the one pictured here. Although we use natural fertilizers and pest-preventatives to keep our plants happy and healthy, we highly suggest removing the plant from its potting mix and washing it thoroughly in distilled water before repotting or placing straight into a set-up.

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    The shipping bands are:

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  • An email will be sent to you confirming when the package will be posted and detailing any steps needed to be taken to ensure the health of any critters on arrival (instructions on slowly getting inverts warmed up again etc). We will also contact you to discuss any posting worries such as weather conditions or industrial strikes which may affect transit time


  • If you have any concerns, questions or requests regarding shipping please don't hesitate to get in contact


  • All our orders are sent out using recyclable materials and reused boxes and packaging, plus we try to avoid single use plastics if we can.​​


  • A different delivery service such as Yodel is only used if the parcel dimensions happen to exceed the Royal Mail limits for that size bracket (eg awkward size/shape hardscape branches).


  • Royal Mail Tracked 24 is what we've used most frequently for orders including live inverts and 9 times out of 10 will deliver the day after dispatch. First Class and Signed for First Class are sometimes used and 1pm Next-day Special Delivery is an option at checkout if you want a guaranteed arrival.


  • We almost always choose a postage option which should deliver in 1 or 2 days, especially if the order includes live inverts or plants to ensure they arrive as fast as possible to avoid stressing anything too much, protecting the critters' welfare as well as protecting your purchase.

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