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EntoScapes' Bespoke Acrylic Display Enclosures

  • Are you fed up of overly expensive invertebrate specific enclosures?

  • Are you fed up of having to convert old aquariums for your creepy crawlies?

  • Are you fed up of having to put your critters in tubs and storage containers where you cant see and admire them?

  • Are you fed up of flimsy put them together yourself flat-packed enclosures which aren't aesthetic?

EntoScapes jumping spider enclosure acrylic display 15x15x20cm for sale
EntoScapes clear acrylic terrestrial tarantula enclosure setup for sale
EntoScapes custom terrarium selection of plants and decor botanicals for sale

Why not try an EntoScapes Specialist Viewing Enclosure?

Our enclosures are built specifically for invertebrate pets with crystal clear cast acrylic and designed with these factors in mind:

  • Optimum cross-ventilation

  • Ease of access and viewing 

  • Animal-safe materials

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Your invertebrate's welfare needs

360° viewing!


Browse our standard enclosures below or click this button to submit a custom enclosure enquiry form if you are not sure what will be best for your critters!

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Arrow clip art

    To see more examples of our enclosures and how customers choose to decorate them please visit our FaceBook or Instagram @EntoScapes (links at the top of the page)

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