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EntoScapes Desert / Arid Substrate

EntoScapes Desert / Arid Substrate

Our desert substrate mix consists of high quality selected ingredients to recreate a natural arid base which does not hold too much moisture including natural sand and clay!

This substrate would be ideal for enclosures for scorpions and some tarantulas which live in hot, dry conditions naturally and could also support cacti and other arid based plants.

This soil also includes a percentage of clay which helps hold burrow structures in place preventing them from collapsing.

We aim for our substrates to be biodegradable and suitable for growing plants in your terrariums whilst being perfect for your animals as it is free fron unnatural chemicals and pesticides which may cause your animals harm. The larger components in the substrate allow fantastic irrigation of roots and helps with aeration to prevent bacteria from developing.

Poor quality substrate can lead to respiratory problems among other things which is why we prefer to make and use our own EntoScapes substrates for all of our own invertebrate pets - and they love it!

Coco coir, premium grade topsoil, natural sand, clay, vermiculite

PriceFrom £2.99

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